Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saman Dance performanced by IMYEP of Dancers

Saman Dance is a famous dance from Aceh Province that's way we were showing the dance. It is done with lyrical. We were very proud to introduce this Traditional dance in front of all IMYEPers. We got a lot of stories behind the performanced before showed. We trained together from 9 pm till done at 3 am. what was tired but we enjoyed anymore.

The dancers consist of five girls and five boys and two persons as a "Syekh" and "penabuh Gendang". Syekh who a sung the lyric of song and it were following the dancers to dance and Penabuh Gedang who was completing the saman dance to be followed by syekh and dancers.

This is the video when we were doing Saman Dance for IMYEP 2012.
Let's check it out.

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